I’ve been told many times that I should write a blog. This has usually been met with a dismissive shrug and the reply that I have nothing to write about. Apparently everyone has a book within them, in my case, that’s half a book. The other half is stored away in a file, covered in coffee stains and doodles, waiting for me to get over the ‘writer’s block’ I encountered 7 years ago.

So with the hope of creating even a tiny crack in the barrier that has successfully held back my river of words for so long, a literary daisy to push through the concrete,  I decided to listen to someone else for once and get writing again. An attempt at putting hundreds of messy thoughts and feelings into a neat font with some grammar involved, maybe.

A blog about a dog – my blind and deaf Collie, about living with hypothyroidism and anxiety, about veganism and about the challenges of living, and raising children in a society whose values often seem at odds with your own. Possibly something about cats, moving to Portugal and of course, delicious vegan cake.  About anything in fact, that is too long, or potentially controversial to post on social media without upsetting family or offending ‘friends’.

So why ‘Walking through brambles’? Why not ‘A blog about a dog’ or something equally easy to roll off the tongue? A few years ago, walking along the edge of an overgrown field with some difficulty, I stopped to disentangle my foot from some brambles. At the same time I did the same for my mind from the thoughts that I was lost in. Looking only a few feet to my left I could see a path had been cut through the sprawling growth. It would only have taken a slight adjustment to the course I was on to have walked along it instead of fighting my way through the spiky tendrils. I’ve spent a lot of my life not walking along that cleared path because I’ve been so caught up in what is going on in my head, it seemed a fitting title.

I’m nervous at the prospect of writing so honestly, but if it makes someone smile, or not feel so alone, then the sweaty palms and racing heart will be worth it!


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